Recently we had a call, from a panicked and understandably upset customer, about a very pushy technician claiming to be with our company.  If we didn’t call you in advance or you didn’t call us for service then DO NOT let them in.  You are always welcome to call us and ask if we have sent a technician to your location.  More likely than not it isn’t one of our technicians.  

This “technician” claimed to have appointments, and when our customer didn’t open the door to let him in he walked around the house, presumably looking for another way in.  Kudos to her for not letting him in and locking herself in the house.  You can call the police and report this behavior.  It could be someone trying to get into your house to see if you really have a security system and what’s worth stealing.  Or worse, someone attempting a home invasion. He will probably move on to another home, so your call could prevent this, or help police catch him that much faster.

Please call the police or hit your panic button on your security system or key-fob if you are approached while outside.  Try to get a good description of the person to give to police so they know who they’re looking for.  Follow your instincts; even if you don’t know why your “spidy senses are tingling” or you feel silly don’t second guess yourself.  Analyze what happened later and I’d bet you’ll find something said or done that triggered your instincts.

I have talked to the detective investigating the case of the man trying to enter one of our customer’s homes pretending to be one of our technicians.  This is not the only rues he is using.  He carries a clip board and could claim to be just about anyone to get you to open the door.  So please be wary of strangers approaching you or knocking at your door trying to get your confidence so you’ll let them in.  Ask for their card (through the mail slot) or the phone number to the company they work for so you can call and verify their identity.  If they are legitimist this should be no big deal.  Follow through with the call though; they could be calling your bluff.

Parents, be aware if your children are home alone our technicians won’t even enter the home and neither should any other company.  Remind them not to open the door to strangers.  Teach them about the panic buttons on the keypad and how they work, you can always put the system into test and have them and you practice. I recommend this because it’s loud and scary sounding and you don’t want to freeze up.  Teach them how to dial 911 and why.

If while you’re at work and someone comes in claiming they have permission to install a security system and you have no knowledge of it, call your supervisor or the owner.  Last year a security company came into a business, belonging to a friend of mine, installed a security system while the owner was out tried to charge him for the work and monitoring and claimed he now had a 3 year contract with them.  He called the company and gave them a piece of his mind.  They removed the system, but he was left with a big hole in his wall where they had installed the keypad in his customers waiting area.

Yes, these are true stories.  This is a scary subject and it would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about these things, but since we do let’s be prepared.  We are sending this out in hopes to save our customers and whoever they share this with from becoming a victim of criminals, as well as unethical, and unscrupulous companies.

Security Professionals