Access Control

Access control systems control entry into your buildings without having to re-key a lock when an employee leaves.  Secure, Simple, Sophisticated Card access control Solutions.

  • No proprietary software necessary with Web browser based remote user control.
  • Multiple formats; HID prox, Indalla, Smart cards and Biometric.
  • Restrict access via time, date, doors, areas, buildings.
  • Auto lock and unlock doors remotely on time schedules.

Our access control system automatically keep an event log and produces management reports (track card usage and door activity).  When combined with a video surveillance system, you can see live events as they happen.

Just a few additional features of our Access Control Systems

  • Remote locking and unlocking.
  • Security System integration.
  • Video integration.
  • Time and Attendance Payroll integration
  • Elevator Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Photo Badging

Watch the video below for information on Honeywell's latest product - NetAXS, available now from Security Professionals.  Call for details.