Did you know that you can use your existing video surveillance system to verify alarms and reduce unnecessary police response?

Many of our customers have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video surveillance systems for their business, and more people are adding exterior cameras to their home security systems all the time.

Honeywell now offers wireless cameras for interior or exterior use that can be viewed over the Internet, on a smart phone or even some of the new tablets.

Many of our existing security systems can be programmed to send a text message or e-mail to notify you of an alarm or other activity, such as your school-aged children arriving home when you’re away or at work.  With your camera system connected to the Internet, as with most DVR’s, you are just a few clicks away from checking live or recorded video so you can confirm those events.

And sometimes you just want to check things out.  This can be especially comforting with elderly parents, pets and of course children.

But that unexpected alarm on the weekend or at night might be the real thing.  You have just been notified of that alarm, and from your cell phone you can see your cameras within seconds, and cancel police response or hurry them along.

Security Professionals has been providing services like this to our customers for years, and we can talk to you about several different options that balance cost and effectiveness.  It’s all about peace of mind for you and family.

As always, our consulting for your home and business security needs is no cost or obligation.  Just our way of saying thanks to our many satisfied customers.  Almost all of our new business comes from your referrals, and we appreciate it.

Thom Livengood

Sales Manager