Everyone likes a nice yard.   When you’re planning your yard’s layout, give some thought to your home’s security.   There are some things you can do to help deter would-be intruders from choosing your house as their next target.   Keep existing bushes around the house trimmed so someone can’t use them for cover to enter your house.  Under windows that are easily accessible from the ground, plant bushes that have thorns or needles.  Rose bushes and barberry bushes are not only pretty; they are painful to get through.  Decorative rocks can be used around the house as well.  Small rocks often make a crunching noise when stepped on, while larger rocks can create an uneven surface that is difficult to traverse, especially for someone that isn’t familiar with your yard.  Talk to your local nursery professional on what will work best for your areas climate and your yard.

Outdoor motion detection lights are also an important part of home security, and can be decorative as well.  The newer solar lights stay on all night and are an economical way to light your yard.  A well-lit yard is less inviting then a dark yard.  This combination of a security system, well displayed security signs, motion lights, solar lights, and landscaping tips let intruders know you take protecting your home and family seriously.  Make safety a priority.