New Rules for Carbon Monoxide Detectors will affect Oregon and Washington homeowners in 2011.

Both the Oregon and Washington legislatures have passed laws that will affect new home construction and the purchase or sale of existing homes. Carbon Monoxide poisoning affects thousands every year, and the installation of carbon monoxide (CO) detectors will by mandated in Oregon by April 1, 2011 in Oregon, and July 1, 2011 in Washington.

In Oregon , the sale or a one and two family dwelling with a carbon monoxide “source” will require a “properly functioning carbon monoxide alarm” on or after April 1, 2011, and in Washington state “Existing dwellings shall be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms by July 1, 2011.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be added to most existing security alarm systems. Detectors are available either hard-wired or wireless, but the number, location and type should be evaluated and installed by a licensed professionals alarm installer.

Although there has been little publicity about these new requirements, it is expected that building code inspectors will begin enforcement of these new requirements starting with the effective dates in each state.