These may seem simple but it’s a good place to start.

1) Keep your doors locked.  It’s surprising how many people forget this simple thing.

2) Keep any garage doors locked and the door from your garage that enters into your house locked.  It’s an added layer of protection if a burglar manages to get into the garage.  If they get into the garage they can work for as long as they want without worry of being seen by a neighbor.

3) Always lock your car, even if it’s in your garage.  Some people think that because their garage is locked they can safely leave their keys in the ignition.  However if someone gets into your garage, you’ve just handed them the keys to your car, your house, and whatever else you have of value.

4) Install motion detector lights above doors.  Criminals don’t like to be noticed, so if a light comes one every time they approach your house, they will probably look else where; your house is no longer an easy mark.  For added protection, to eliminate hiding places on your property, add motion detector lights to areas that are especially dark & shadowed at night.

5) Install a security system.  You can install one that isn’t monitored of course, but monitoring has some big advantages.

  • If our monitoring station gets an alarm, someone will be notified.  It can be the authorities, or it can be yourself to start.  We will work with you so it suits your needs.
  • Most systems have emergency buttons on the keypad for police, medical & fire. The system doesn’t have to be armed to use these features either.  We can also add personal panic buttons that work with your system.
  • If you chose to have monitored smoke detectors, then even if you’re not home we can send the fire department if a fire signal is received.
  • Most insurance companies offer discounts for monitored security and fire systems.
  • If you are on vacation, you don’t have to depend solely on your neighbors vigilance to keep your home secure.